About Us

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in small and home-based businesses, sometimes referred to as commercial homes. We have owned and operated small enterprises for over two decades and have been involved in researching, writing about and providing training and support to small enterprises. Our knowledge comes from hands-on experience. We are passionate about seeing the small business sector flourish and enjoy being part of it.

Shameem Ali

Our background

Shameem has worked as an academic and small business operator for over two decades. His expertise is in marketing and has worked with small businesses as a trainer in business planning and strategy  for startups and growth businesses. He has published over fifty articles and papers, many relating to the small business sector, business leadership, customer satisfaction and business growth. 

Geoff has international experience as a designer, marketer and trainer. His expertise is in exhibition design, commercial interior design, event design, retail and visual merchandising and product design. Geoff has held senior roles in London, Shanghai, Christchurch, Sydney and Melbourne. He has operated businesses dealing with marketing, design and business advise.