The secret of getting ahead is getting started

-Mark Twain


We provide support services for small businesses covering business planning, strategy development for growth, customer relationship management and business analysis


Here you will find useful resources for small and home business operators, including research findings, where to get help and how to overcome impediments to business success and growth

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Create a foundation that you can build on

Plan | Analyse | Provide Quality | Understand Customers

Everything begins with an idea – Earl Nightingale


Prepare to get started

Putting your business ideas into effect can often be daunting . We are experienced in operating small and home-based businesses and can guide you step by step to get you established. To transform your ideas we can assist you through critical planning and viability analysis stages and set you on a path to business success. Remember, ideas are one thing, but execution is what transform the idea into a viable business


Reinvent your business

New and even established business operations can get stagnated. We can provide market insights that will prepare you to be more confident in dealing with current and future challenges. One of our strengths is market, industry and competitor analysis. Such analytical insights provides the foundation for business success and growth. We can guide you through the stages of realising your growth intentions and opportunities


Prepare to grow

Operator motivations and goals of small and home-based businesses can vary. But if you are entrepreneurial in outlook and focused on growth, we can chart your expansion path and enable you to realise your dreams. We can work with you to develop your business growth plans, meet the documentation requirements of finance providers, link you to government support services and enable you to build an effective marketing plan

Marketing - Reaching customers

Your business will pivot around your ability to reach and retain customers. We can provide advise on effective pricing promotional and media strategies that meets market needs and makes customers more responsive to your product and service offerings.

Customer satisfaction

Your business depends on customers who are satisfied with what you offer and how you deliver their service needs. We offer customer satisfaction measurement studies and complaints analysis to enable service improvements and achievement of service quality and reputation goals

Problem Solving

The business environment is dynamic. Problems can arise from the left field - be prepared. To make your business successful you have to do more than work hard in your business. We can assist you to "work your business" by advising you on operational systems, performance monitoring and improvements